Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to go to one of the in-person registration dates?
YES.  Even if you are returning player, you are required to go to the in-person registration to pick up your raffle tickets you purchased online.  If you are a new player, in-person registration is required to provide proof of age and residence.  We normally have uniform samples as well if you are unsure of your child's size for a uniform.  Plus we would like to meet and personally welcome you to the best league in the region.

Do we have to live in Dyer to be eligible to play in Dyer Little League?
No.  All kids aged 4-12 are eligible.  The Dyer Little League boundary is specifically only to determine "all star" eligibility.  Click on boundary to view the current boundary.

We are new to the league.  What documentation is needed?
We need a copy of the player's birth certificate and then 3 proof of residency documents which could be your driver's license, NiPSCO bill, phone bill, check, etc.  Anything that has your current residency on it.  Contact our player agent at [email protected] for questions and more information.

How can I double check the sizes that I ordered my son for his uniform?
Open up your account online at  Click on the Register tab.  Click on Edit Participant Info.


What if my son is unable to attend the tryouts/evaluations?
contact [email protected]


When and how many practices and games are they?
Practices for the Cs, Bs, and Majors begin April 1st,  T-ball practice begins a week or two later.

Practice days and times are determined by the team's manager.  Before the season starts, there are normally 3-4 practices a week for Cs, Bs and Majors.  T-ball teams are scaled back a little with maybe 2-3 practices.

Once the games begin, practices are scaled back to accommodate the games.  Typically, during the school year, a team will have 1 game during the week and 1 game on Saturday.  When school is out, there may be 2 games during the week with one on Saturday for the last couple weeks.  A post season tournament is played after the regular season ends for the Cs, Bs and Majors divisions.

My son is registered for t-ball.  When do I find out his team and all of that stuff?
T-ball starts a little later than the other divisions.  Team selections will be done later in March and you will then be notified by your team's manager as far as practice dates and times.  Games begin early May.  Make sure to bookmark for all of your league baseball info.

How often are t-ball games and practices?
For the t-ball season, there are a total of 10 games over a 5 week period with one game during the week and one each Saturday. The games are usually at 6:00 during the week and either on M,W or Fri and the Sat games are either 10:00, 12:30 or 3:00. Practices are scheduled by each individual Manager so those vary but at this level they are usually only once a week.

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