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Jun, 2018

Vern Baker Award Nominees Announced

As we wrap up the 2018 season with Championship Saturday, this Saturday, June 16th, you may have noticed that we will be announcing the Vern Baker award at this this time.  For new families, you may be wondering what is the Vern Baker award?  I'm glad you asked.

Vern Baker is a legendary DLL coach who managed many DLL teams over many years.  There are some DLL parents who have played for coach Baker and can you tell you stories about this fabled coach who took a DLL team to the Little League World Series.  I recently had a conversation with a doctor who saw me wearing my Dyer Little League shirt and he went on about how coach Baker affected his life with all the time he took to help him with his game, but also how he helped set a positive course thereafter.

During his long association as a manager with DLL, Vern Baker looked for or worked to develop certain traits in his players.  Some of the more important of those traits were attitude, leadership, ability, determination and competitive desire.  In memory of Vern Baker and his many contributions to Dyer Little League and to help instill Vern’s Little League ideals in future generations of Dyer Little League players, the Vern Baker award has been established to recognize the 12 year-old that through the course of the past season that has best exemplified these principles.  The recipient of this award stands out as a great Dyer Little League ambassador for contributions both on and off the playing field.

Below are the 10 Vern Baker Award nominees for 2018:

Chris Blankenship
Sam Smith
Braydn Lawson
Nicole Vollrath
Dominic Bonk
Joey Iannuci
Dylan Lopez
Andrew Kizenia
Justin Brower
Riley Engle

Congratulations to the nominees.

We will announce the 5 finalists Thursday night who will also receive a Dicks $50 gift card and will be asked to attend the trophy ceremony after the Majors championship game on Saturday.

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